FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Final regular season matchups in Kentucky; WV games

Here is a look at this week’s high school football games involving area teams in Kentucky and West Virginia:

Johnson Central (7-2) vs. Belfry (5-4)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Jim Matney Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Radio: WXCC 96.5 FM/Mountain Top Media App

Coaches: Jesse Peck (Johnson Central); Philip Haywood (Belfry)

Players to Watch: RB Zack McCoart, RB Mason Lawson (Johnson Central); RB Caden Woolum, RB Dre Young (Belfry) 

Last week’s results: Johnson Central 35, Letcher Central 34; Belfry 42, Pike Central 7.

Shelby Valley (7-2) vs. Hazard (6-3)

Date: Date 28

Site: Hobart Clay Johnson Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Livestream: Mountain Top TV App

Coaches: Anthony Hampton (Shelby Valley); Daniel Howard (Hazard)

Players to Watch: QB Russ Osborne, WR Brady Bentley (Shelby Valley); QB Max Pelfrey, RB Max Johnson (Hazard)

Last week’s results: Shelby Valley 62, Bath County 6; Pikeville 52, Hazard 7.

Lawrence County (8-1) vs. Raceland (8-1)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Luke Varney Jr. Memorial Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Alan Short II (Lawrence County); Michael Salmons (Raceland)

Players to Watch: RB Dylan Ferguson, QB Talan Pollock (Lawrence County); QB Logan Lundy, RB Noah Wallace (Raceland)

Last week’s results: Lawrence County 49, Floyd Central 28; Raceland 38, Paintsville 14.

Letcher Central (6-3) vs. Bourbon County (2-7)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Cougar Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Junior Matthews (Letcher Central); David Jones (Bourbon County)

Players to Watch: QB Jonah Little, RB Isaac Matthews (Letcher Central); QB Clay Estes, WR Cameron Santiago Bourbon County)

Last week’s results: Johnson Central 35, Letcher Central 34; Boyle County 55, Bourbon County 123.

Betsy Layne (5-4) vs. Floyd Central (0-9)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Lloyd Hamilton Athletic Complex

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Jarredd Jarrell (Betsy Layne); Shawn Hager (Floyd Central)

Players to Watch: RB Brady Robinson, RB Reece Music (Betsy Laune); QB Max Martin, RB BJ Petersen (Floyd Central)

Last week’s results: Betsy Layne 46, Fairview 28; Lawrence County 49, Floyd Central 28.

Paintsville (4-5) vs. Pike Central (3-6)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Memorial Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Trevor Hoskins (Paintsville); Ronn Varney (Pike Central)

Players to Watch: WR Jonah Porter, QB AJ James (Paintsville); RB Lukas Varney, RB Matt Anderson (Pike Central)

Last week’s results: Raceland 38, Paintsville 14; Belfry 52, Pike Central 7.

East Ridge (3-6) vs. Knott Central (3-4)

Date: 28

Site: The Reservation

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Donnie Burdine (East Ridge); Randall Mullins (Knott Central)

Players to Watch: QB Dylan Burdine, RB Isaiah Adkins (East Ridge); QB Gage Caudill, RB Jonte Clayton (Knott Central)

Last week’s results: West Carter 33, East Ridge 14; Knott Central 50, Phelps 24.

Martin County (6-3) vs. East Carter (5-4)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: The Rock

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Josh Muncy (Martin County); Tim Champlin (East Carter)

Players to Watch: RB Brock Messer, QB Weston Jude (Martin County); RB Isaac Boggs, QB Eli Estepp (East Carter)

Last week’s results: Martin County 27, East Carter 20; Russell 16, East Carter 7.

Magoffin County (3-6) at Morgan County (1-8)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Cougar Stadium

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: John DeRossett (Magoffin County); Mark Easrterling (organ County)

Players to Watch: RB Ben Lafferty, RB Ian McCarty (Magoffin County); RB Joe Spencer, QB Jacob Nickell (Morgan County)

Last week’s results: Clay County 50, Magoffin County 16; Morgan County, DNP.

Phelps (0-9) vs. Tolsia (0-8)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Marty Casey Stadium

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Randy Smith (Phelps); Eric Crum (Tolsia)

Players to Watch: RB Lucas fields, WR Corey Turnmire (Phelps); QB Luke Williamson, WR David Dingess (Tolsia)

Last week’s results: Knott Central 50, Phelps 24; Mount View 48, Tolsia 14.

Tug Valley (6-2) vs. Man (6-2)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Bob Brewer Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Hady Ford (Tug Valley); Harvey Arms (Man)

Players to Watch: RB Bryson Elia, RB Adam Slone (Tug Valley); RB Jim Green, QB Jayden Brumfield (Man)

Last week’s results: Tug Valley 49, Westside 14; Man, DNP.

Mingo Central (3-6) vs. Chapmanville (5-3)

Date: Oct. 28

Site: Buck Harless Stadium

Kickoff: 7 pm

Coaches: Chase Moore (Mingo Central); James Barker (Chapmanville)

Players to Watch: RB Dylan Vance, WB Malaki Sheppard (Mingo Central); QB Brody Dalton, RB Kohl Farmer (Chapmanville)

Last week’s results: Herbert Hoover 55, Mingo Central 3; Chapmanville 49, Logan 7.

Idle this week: Pikeville (7-2); Prestonsburg (8-2); and Logan (6-3).