Meet Johnson Central head coach Brian Johnson

Current head coach of the high school soccer program. Been involved in coaching for 13 years. Has coached and ran the Johnson County recreational soccer league as well as coached club soccer.

He has spent the past seven years coaching a combination of middle and high school soccer in the county.

Coach Johnson attended Prestonsburg Community College.

What is your coaching philosophy? “I have always been a coach all about defense. I want a hard-nose defense that plays tough and physical.”

Who is your favorite kind of music? “The 80’s are on mu music list but when stressed I really enjoy classical music.”

Who is your favorite artist or group? “I don’t really have a favorite, but it would be from the 80’s.”

What is your favorite food? “Soup beans and cornbread.”

Who is your hero or heroes? “It would be without question be my mom. She raised two kids in a less than desirable situation and never questioned her situation or lost sight of her faith in God.”