Meet Johnson Central head coach Kayla Moore VanHoose

Started her coaching career at her alma mater, Sheldon Clark High School. She was a member of the first volleyball team in the early 2000s.

“I just felt it was fitting to return home and give back to my community for a few years.”

Became assistant coach at Johnson Central in 2015 and was hired as head coach the following season.

She attended Eastern Kentucky University, Lexington Community College and Morehead State.

“My parents swore I tried to be a professional student. Loved attending all three.”

What is your coaching philosophy? “That kids don’t care what you know until they know you care. Also, I am open to my players. I don’t know everything. I’m not an expert. I work on being a better coach for them every single day and I think it shows. You model what you expect, and they will follow.”

What is your favorite music? “My kids are always shocked to find out that I love Rap music, but it makes for a good practice playlist. Edited of course!”

Who is your favorite group or artist? “Currently, Post Malone, but I listen to a lot of 90-00s Rap, mostly Dr. Dre and Eminem.”

What is your favorite food? “My favorite is seafood, especially crab and lobster.”

Who is your hero or heroes? “One celebrity I really look up to is Doris Burke. I’ve always wanted to be acknowledged as a woman in athletics that really knows her stuff. Another set of heroes are my parents. My mother is simply the portrait of what it means to be a mom. Selfless, caring and forgiving. She poured her heart and soul into being a mom and knocked it out of the park with two pretty good kids. And, my dad, is still coming to save the day when things are going wrong for his 33-year-old little girl. I have been blessed.”