Meet Martin County head coach Josh Muncy

Beginning his third season as head football coach. Served as an assistant coach for six seasons prior. Has been head wrestling coach for 11 years.

Received his bachelor’s degree from University of Cumberlands. He attended UC on a wrestling scholarship. Earned his master’s degree from Union College.

What is your coach philosophy? “My philosophy is to develop future leaders and coaches. I want to teach these young men the fundamentals of the sport and all the X’s  and O’s as well as how to be a leader within not only our program but also in the classroom and community. I want our guys to come back to the program and be coaches and leaders for the next generation.”

What is your favorite music? “I love country music.”

Who is your favorite artist or group? “I would say Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown, Band, etc.”

What is your favorite food? “Fresh seafood or pizza. That’s a toss-up right there.”

Who is your hero or heroes? “In coaching I would say Dabo Swinney [Clemson head football coach] or Tom Ryan [Ohio State wresting coach]. I feel like we share the same coaching philosophy. They are both very well spoken and respectable men.”

“My hero in life would be my wife, Jessi. Any woman who can be married to a dual sport head coach with two children and a full-time job has to be some kind of super-hero. She is the glue of our family and program.”