Meet Mingo Central coach Joey Fields

He is currently in his 11th season as a coach. Spent eight years at Matewan, one at Martinsburg and two at Mingo Central, one as head coach and currently serves as top assistant coach.

He was part of state championship teams at Mingo Central and Martinsburg.

Graduates from West Virginia University.

What is your coach philosophy? “To entertain, unit and inspire to win in the right way.”

What is your favorite music? “I really love oldies (such as the 80s), mixed with country and rap. “I love Queen, Kenny Chesney, Kanye West.”

Who is your favorite artist or group? “Kayne is my favorite. I like how he is different and confident.”

What is your favorite food? “Italian food. Can’t never get enough of it.”

Who is your hero or heroes? “My grandfather and I’m very thankful for Coach [Yogi] Kinder for allowing me to do what I love so much.”