Meet Mingo Central head coach Amanda Lovern

First year as head coach of the Lady Miners volleyball program. Was previously an assistant at Belfry High School for three years and was head coach of Williamson PK-8 volleyball for two seasons.

Graduate of Marshall University, “Go Herd!”

What is your coach philosophy?I believe players should always work hard. Whether it be practice, their studies, games, volunteering, I push them to always give it their all. I never want my teams to be out worked or have them leaving the floor wishing they could’ve done more. Many times, even the most talented athletes come up short because they fail to put in the work. As the saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.”

What is your favorite music?I seriously like anything. I’m an old soul. If it has a beat and makes me feel good inside, I’m in!”

Who is your favorite artist or group? “That’s a tough one. It’s a toss up between Fleetwood Mac and Garth Brooks.”

What is your favorite food? Pasta,  pasta, pasta!”

Who is your hero or heroes?  “Hands down, my parents. I see daily the sacrifices they have made for my brother and I all my life. They always put God first and strive to be Christ-like each day. I couldn’t make it one day without them.”