Hall committee asking public’s help to recover memorabilia

The Williamson High School Athletic Hall of Fame is asking for help from WHS Alumni, supporters and the public in helping to acquire and recover Wolfpack Athletic memorabilia and historical items whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

The WHS Athletic Hall of Fame’s board is on the search for trophies, plaques and other Williamson athletic items that they can preserve and display.

Many of the school’s athletic treasures disappeared after the school was closed in 2011. To date, only four of the school’s thirteen state championship trophies are accounted for and the location of a majority of the school’s regional and sectional plaques are unknown. Other WHS Athletic treasures such as the school’s only two retired jerseys are also unaccounted for.

The HOF is asking for anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of any of these trophies and items or anyone who may have any of them to please contact one of the HOF Board’s Memorabilia Committee Members, Reynolds, Kyle Lovern, Dr. Jerry Mounts or Jarrid McCormick.

Anyone who would have any information can call or text at 606-625-1451 or privately message the committee members on Facebook Messenger.