HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL: Hawks beat Hornets; Jags blank Bobcats

Pike Central used a five-run, fourth inning to pull away and beat Magoffin County, 8-5, in a road game played on Monday night.

Blake Hager had three hits and drove in three runs while Izaac Blankenship singled twice and scored two runs.

Peyton Compton singled, scored and batted in a pair of runs. Warren Newsome singled twice and scored both times.

Cameron Shearer was the winning pitcher.

Aden Barnett singled in a pair of runs in the loss. Losing pitching Ethan Salyer singled, walked, and scored two times while Colin Litteral singled in one run and walked.

At Salyersville


PC (4-2)….120 500 0 – 8-11-4

MC (0-5)…001 103 0 – 5-  7-1


WP – Cameron Shearer

LP – Ethan Salyer

Hitting: Blake Hager 3-1b, 3 RBI; Izaac Blankenship 2-1b, 2 RBI; Peyton Compton 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Warren Newsome 2-1b, 2r, Pike Central; Aden Barnett 1b, 2 RBI; Ethan Salyer 1b, bb, 2r; Colin Litteral 1b, bb, 1 RBI, Magoffin County.

Floyd Central…..3

Betsy Layne……0

Floyd Central scored three runs in the bottom of the first inning and they were all the Jaguars needed to defeat Betsy Layne, 3-0, in a game played on Monday night.

Max Martin had three hits, walked, scored, and added an RBI. Winning pitcher Jacob Bentley singled in a run and scored. Jace Martin singled, scored, and walked.

Andrew Kidd, losing pitcher Keaton Brown and Brady Hall all singled and walked.

At Langley


BL (3-3)….000 000 0 – 0-4-3

FC (3-2)….300 000 x – 3-9-0


WP – Jacob Bentley

LP – Keaton Brown

Hitting: Andrew Kidd 1b, bb; Keaton Brown 1b, bb; Brady Hall 1b, bb, Betsy Layne; Max Martin 3-1b, bb, 1r, 1 RBI; Jace Martin 1b, bb, 1r; Jacob Bentley 1b, 1r, 1 RBI, Floyd Central.


East Ridge……..1

Prestonsburg used timely hitting and solid pitching to score an 11-1 win over East Ridge in a game played at StoneCrest on Monday night.

Seth Fitch and Jon Little singled twice, scored once, and drove in a pair of runs each. Luke Hale singled, walked twice, scored, and batted in two runs. 

Wes Salisbury singled in two runs and scored once to support winning pitcher Luke Fugate.

Landon Robinson singled and scored in the loss. Steven Layne and Hayden Robinette had one hit each.

Kolin Blackburn was the losing pitcher. 

At StoneCrest


ER (3-5)….100 00 –  1- 3-5

PB (4-3)….123 03 – 11-9-1


WP – Luke Fugate

LP – Kolin Blackburn

Hitting: Landon Robinson 1b, 1r; Steven Layne 1b; Hayden Robinette 1b, East Ridge; Seth Fitch 2-1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Jon Little 2-1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Luke Hale 1b, 2-bb, 1r, 2 RBI; Wes Salisbury 1b, 2r, 2 RBI, Prestonsburg.



Belfry scored five times in the second inning and the Pirates went on to knock off previously unbeaten Man, 7-4, in a game played at Tootie Carter Field on Monday night.

Winning pitcher Chase Varney singled, walked and scored. Jonah Adkins had two hits, including a double, and scored twice.

Isaiah Stanley singled in one run while Jake Varney singled in one run and walked twice. David Hagy added a pair of RBIs.

Losing pitcher Braxton Messer had three singles and scored.

At Man


BF (3-3)……050 020 2 – 7-7-2

MN (5-1)…..100 012 0 – 4-7-2


WP – Chase Varney

LP – Braxton Messer

Hitting: Jonah Adkins 2b, 1b, 2r; Isaiah Stanley 1b, 1 RBI; Jake Varney 1b, 2-bb, 1 RBI; David Hagy 2 RBI; Chase Varney 1b, bb, 1r, Belfry; Braxton Messer 3-1b, 1r, Man.

Letcher Central…12

Harlan County……2

Letcher Central pounded out 16 hits and led from start to finish in a 12-2 win over Harlan County in a home game played on Monday night.

Paul Huff was a home run shy of hitting for the cycle, walked, scored three runs, and batted in three.

Winning pitcher Jonah Little added three hits, scored twice and knocked in two runs. Quinton Williams added two hits, walked, scored once, and added a pair of RBIs. Dawson Kincer had three hits, batted in one run, and scored.

At Whitesburg


HC (5-1)….002 000 –  2-  2-1

LC (7-1)….403 023 –12-16-4


WP – Jonah Little

LP – Alex Creech

Hitting: Paul Huff 3b, 2b, 1b, bb, 3r, 3 RBI; Jonah Little 3-1b, 2r, 2 RBI; Quinton Williams 2-1b, bb, 1r, 2 RBI; Dawson Kincer 3-1b, 1r, 1 RBI, Letcher Central.


Grundy, Va…8

Jenkins scored seven runs in the top of the second inning and needed all of them in a hard-fought 10-8 road win over Grundy (Va.) in a game played on Monday night.

Caleb Morgan collected three hits, including a pair of doubles, scored two times, and batted in three.

Winning pitcher John Addington doubled in one run, walked, and scored twice. Carter Howard added a double, walked, batted in one run, and scored a pair. Roger Niles singled in one run and scored.

At Grundy, Va.


JK (4-1)….170 20 – 10-7-6

GR (2-2)…241 10 –   8-4-3


WP – John Addington

LP – Connor Hurley

Hitting: Caleb Morgan 2-2b, 1b, 2r, 3 RBI; John Addington 2b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Carter Howard 2b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Roger Niles 1b, 1r, 1 RBI, Jenkins.

Boyd County…….16

Lawrence County..6

Lawrence County saw an early lead slip away as Boyd County erupted to beat the Bulldogs, 16-6, in a road game on Monday night.

Will Lafferty tripled, walked, knocked in one run, and scored twice in the loss. Eli Fletcher singled, walked and batted in two. Cody Crum and Jake Derifield both singled and scored.

Braxton Davis was tagged with the loss.

At Ashland


LC (3-4)….103 20 –   6-   5-2

BC (7-0)….016 81 – 16-15-4


WP – Jacob Vanover

LP – Braxton Davis

Hitting: Will Lafferty 3b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Eli Fletcher 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Cody Crum 1b, 1r; Jake Derifield 1b, 1r, Lawrence County.


West Geauga, OH….1

Paintsville came out swinging in its opening game in the Cal Ripken Experience as the Tigers cruised past West Geauga (OH), 16-1, at Myrtle Beach, SC on Monday.

Ashton Miller had two hits, including a double, walked, scored three runs, and batted in four. Winning pitcher Grayson Peters added three hits, one a double, scored and knocked in four. Peyton Adams singled, walked two times, scored one run, and added a pair of RBIs.

At Myrtle Beach, SC

(Cal Ripken Experience)


WG (0-3)….010 0 –   1-  2-2

PV (5-2)…..426 4 – 16-11-2


WP – Grayson Peters

LP – Bo Dolecek

Hitting: Ashton Miller 2b, 1b, bb, 3r, 4 RBI; Grayson Peters 2b, 2-1b, 1r, 4 RBI; Peyton Adams 1b, 2-bb, 1r, 2 RBI, Paintsville.