HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL: Pikeville rolls past Hazard; Jags nip Leslie County

Pikeville took an early lead against Hazard and the Panthers scored a 13-3 win in a game played at Davis ark on Tuesday night.

Dylan Thompson tripled and doubled while driving in four runs and scoring. Sam Wright singled, scored, and knock in a pair of runs. Carson Salyer singled and scored twice.

Bash Ryan toed the mound and was the winning pitcher.

At Pikeville


HZ (2-2)….000 102 –   3-  7-5

PK (2-2)….301 333 – 13-10-1


WP – Bash Ryan

LP – Sawyer Patrick

Hitting: Dylan Thompson 3b, 2b, 1r, 4 RBI; Sam Wright 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Carson Salyers 1b, 2r, Pikeville.

Floyd Central…..6

Leslie County…..5

Floyd Central’s Max Martin doubled home the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning to lift the Jaguars to a thrilling 6-5 win over Leslie County in a game played on Tuesday night.

Martin also singled and walked, scored once, and batted in two.

Winning pitcher Logan Moore doubled in a pair of runs while Jacob Bentley singled, scored and added a pair of RBIs.

At Langley


LC (0-4)…..000 100 4 – 5-7-2

FC (2-1)……010 004 1 – 6-7-2


WP – Logan Moore

LP – Simpson Rylan

Hitting: Max Martin 2b, 1b, bb, 1r, 2 RBI; Logan Moore 2b, bb, 2 RBI; Jacob Bentley 1b, 1r, 2 RBI, Floyd Central.

Johnson Central….7


Johnson Central scored three times in the bottom of the sixth inning to snap a tie and the Golden Eagles went on to beat Belfry, 7-4, in a home game played on Tuesday night.

Cameron Kelsey had two hits, including a double, batted in three runs and scored. Brayden Shepherd doubled in a run and scored while Gavin Crum added an RBI single and scored. Boston Crase singled two times and scored two runs.

Brock Butcher was the winning pitcher.

Belfry’s Jake Varney belted a home run, singled, scored twice and knocked in a pair of runs. Steven Banks singled and scored while Jonah Adkins singled in a run.

At Paintsville


BF (1-3)….002 020 0 – 4-6-1

JC (2-2)…..110 203 x – 7-8-2


WP – Brock Butcher

LP – Isaiah Stanley

Hitting: Jake Varney HR, 1b, 2r, 2 RBI; Steven Banks 1b, 1r; Jonah Adkins 1b, 1 RBI, Belfry; Cameron Kelsey 2b, 1b, 1r, 3 RBI; Brayden Shepherd 2b, 1r, 1 RBI; Gavin Crum 1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Boston Crase 2-1b, 2r, Johnson Central.

Letcher Central…19

East Ridge………..6

Letcher Central went on the road to East Ridge and the Cougars moved to 5-0 with a 19-6 win over the Warriors on Tuesday night.

Jonah Little walked, scored five runs, and drove in two. Max Roark walked three times, scored twice, and added a pair of RBIs. Aiden Roark had three hits and scored three runs while knocking in one.

Stevie Layne doubled in two runs in the loss. Dylan Burdine singled in a run, walked, and scored twice. Losing pitcher Braxton Kendrick, Landon Robinson, and Hayden Robinette all singled in one run.

Canaan Herrell was the winning pitcher.

At Lick Creek


LC (5-0)….161 0(11) – 19-6-3

ER (2-3)….240    000 –   6-5-3


WP – Canaan Herrell

LP – Braxton Kendrick

Hitting: Aiden Fields 3-1b, 3r, 1 RBI; Clay Hall 1b, 3-bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Max Roark 3-bb, 2r, 2 RBI; Jonah Little bb, 5r, 2 RBI; Dawson Kincer bb, 1r, 2 RBI, Letcher Central; Stevie Layne 2b, 2 RBI; Dylan Burdine 1b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Braxton Kendrick 1b, 1 RBI; Landon Robinson 1b, 1 RBI; Hayden Robinette 1b, 1 RBI, East Ridge.


Ashland Blazer…2

Paintsville’s Peyton Adams doubled in a pair of runs in the top of the seventh inning to help the Tigers beat Ashland Blazer, 6-2, in a road game played on Tuesday night.

Winning pitcher Grayson Peters had three hits, including a double, walked, scored, and added an RBI. Jonah Porter singled twice, walked three times, and scored two runs.

At Ashland


PV (4-1)….001 010 4 – 6-12-1

AB (0-3)…100 001 0 – 2-   4-1


WP – Grayson Peters

LP – Jayse Mays

Hitting: Peyton Adams 2b, bb, 1r, 2 RBI; Grayson Peters 2b, 2-1b, bb, 1r, 1 RBI; Jonah Porter 2-1b, 3-bb, 2r, Paintsville.

Pike Central…….8

Martin County….7

Pike Central’s Cameron Shearer blasted a grand slam home run in the sixth inning and the Hawks scored twice in their final at bat to rally past Martin County, 8-7, in a game played at Central Field on Tuesday night.

Blake Hager tripled in one run, walked, and score two times. Patrick Mandrell singled, walked, scored once, and batted in one.

Isaac Blankenship was the winning pitcher.

Damian Cheek had a pair of hits, walked, and knocked in two in the loss. Losing pitcher Dawson Mills singled in one run and walked. Chase Stacy walked, scored, and added an RBI.

At Buckley’s Creek


MC (1-2)….040 300 0 – 7-4-2

PC (3-0)…..200 004 2 – 8-5-4


WP – Isaac Blankenship

LP – Dawson Mills

Hitting: Damian Cheek 2-1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Dawson Mills 1b, bb, 1 RBI; Chase Stacy bb, 1r, 1 RBI, Martin County; Cameron Shearer GS-HR; Blake Hager 3b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Patrick Mandrell 1b, 2-bb, 1r, 1 RBI, Pike Central.

Shelby Valley……8

Knott Central…..3

Shelby Valley scored five runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to pull away and beat Knott Central, 8-3, in a game played at Dale Trivette Field on Tuesday night.

Winning pitcher Brady Bentley doubled twice and scored both times while driving in three runs. Jaxson Damron doubled and singled. He scored once and batted in two. Samuel Brown added two hits, walked, knocked in one and scored twice. Riley Newsome added two hits, including a double, walked and scored.

At Robinson Creek


KC (0-4)…..101 000 1 – 3-  2-0

SV (4-1)…..002 150 x – 8-10-2


WP – Brady Bentley

LP – Cole Watts

Hitting: Brady Bentley 2-2b, 2r, 3 RBI; Jaxson Damron 2b, 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Samuel Brown 2-1b, bb, 2r, 1 RBI; Riley Newsome 2b, 1b, bb, 1r, Shelby Valley.

Breathitt County..18

Magoffin County…1

Breathitt County plated 12 runs in the top of the first inning and cruised to an 18-1 win over Magoffin County in a road game played on Tuesday night.

Losing pitcher Colin Litteral and Ethan Salyer both singled and scored.

At Salyersville


BC (2-2)…(12)24 0 – 18-10-2

MC (0-4)……101 0 –   2-  4-3


WP –Dillon Stacy

LP – Colin Litteral

Hitting: Colin Litteral 1b, 1r; Ethan Salyer 1b, 1r, Magoffin County.