HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Friday Night Lights – Area Kentucky games

Martin County (5-4) at East Carter (7-2)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Steve Womack Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Josh Muncy (Martin County); Tim Champlin (East Carter)

Players to Watch: RB Brock Messer, RB Aiden Horn (Martin County); RB Landon Yoak, RB Ryland Pfau (East Carter)

Last week’s results: Martin County 55, Floyd Central 16; East Carter 28, Russell 21.

Shelby Valley (6-3) at Floyd Central (5-4)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Jaguars Stadium

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Anthony Hampton (Shelby Valley); Shawn Hager (Floyd Central)

Players to Watch: QB Russ Osborne, WR Brady Bentley (Shelby Valley); QB Jace Martin, WR Marvin McDonald (Floyd Central)

Last week’s results: Shelby Valley 58, East Ridge 30; Martin County 55, Floyd Central 16.

East Ridge (4-5) at Knott Central (2-7)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Citizens Bank Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Donnie Burdine (East Ridge); Randall Mullins (Knott Central)

Players to Watch: RB Isaiah Adkins, RB Hayden Perkins (East Ridge); RB Preston Shepherd, RB Shane Gibson (Knott Central)

Last week’s results: Shelby Valley 58, East Ridge 30; Prestonsburg 52, Knott Central 20.

Mason County (6-3) at Lawrence County (6-3)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Luke Varney Jr. Memorial Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Joseph Wynn (Mason County); Alan Short II (Lawrence County)

Players to Watch: QB Keshaun Thomas, WR CJ Authur (Mason County); QB Talan Pollock, RB Cody Crum (Lawrence County)

Last week’s results: Covington Catholic 50, Mason County 14; Boyd County 22, Lawrence County 14.

Jenkins (0-9) at Phelps (1-7)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Marty Casey Stadium

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Robert Holbrook I (Jenkins); Randy Smith (Phelps)

Players to Watch: WR Preston Hall, TE Ryan Church (Jenkins); QB Jacob Kender, RB Jacob Francis (Phelps)

Last week’s results: Virginia High, VA 61, Jenkins 14; Morgan County 48, Phelps 8.

Breathitt County (4-5) at Prestonsburg (5-4)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: Josh Francis Memorial Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Kyle Moore (Breathitt County); Brandon Brewer (Prestonsburg)

Players to Watch: RB Kylan Combs, RB Jayden Gibson (Breathitt County); RB Dalton Elliott, RB Jacob Rose (Prestonsburg)

Last week’s results: Breathitt County 50, Danville 13; Prestonsburg 52, Knott Central 20.

Betsy Layne (8-1) at Powell County (2-7)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: PCHS Athletic Complex

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Jarredd Jarrell (Betsy Layne); Mike Jones I (Powell County)

Players to Watch: QB Carter Parsons, WR Dylon Williams (Betsy Layne); RB Jacob Green, RB Preston Spangler (Powell County)

Last week’s results: Betsy Layne 32, Pike Central 21; Belfry 54, Powell County 15.

Morgan County (6-3) at Magoffin County (3-6)

Date: Oct. 27

Site: MCHS Athletic Field

Kickoff: 7:30 pm

Coaches: Mark Easterling (Morgan County); John DeRossett (Magoffin County)

Players to Watch: RB Chance Wright, RB Cameron Rogers (Morgan County); RB Ian McCarty, QB Aden Barnett (Magoffin County)

Last week’s results: Morgan County 48, Phelps 8; Magoffin County 38, Estill County 19.

Idle this week: Johnson Central (7-3)