Meet Belfry head coach Mark Thompson

Beginning his 22nd season in coaching, including 11 at Belfry and six as head coach.

Previously coaches for five seasons at Pike County Central, two as head coach; and six at Henry Clay.

Graduated from the University of Kentucky

What is your coaching philosophy? “Is one which is built on certain expectations from players. I challenge players to ‘compete’  in all they do daily. I practice establishing relationships with players that are built on honesty, commitment, integrity, and loyalty. As far as the game itself, I teach a solid man defense and love to pressure in the full court. I enjoy coaching a fast-pace game and I believe players enjoy playing that style.”

What is your favorite music? “I love 80’s rock (hair bands) and newer rock.”

Who is your favorite artist or group? “Motley Crue. I’m listening to them currently in my truck.”

What is your favorite food? “Steak, but I love breakfast foods too.”

Who is your hero or heroes? “Without question is has to be my Dad. He just defines what it is to be a good Christian Father for his family and is one of the best people I know.”